July 16, 2010

Software Development

Software Development Solutions That Are Validatable And Maintainable software

icone03Our software development team has a decade of experience together building solutions for life sciences companies.  During that decade, we have invested in systems to ensure specifications and tests are captured to ensure client goals are met and systems are validatable and maintainable.  Clients that are not life sciences clients benefit from the rigorous and efficient processes honed through service to regulated industries.

We use iterative methodologies and deliver thorough documentation and trace matrices at project completion.  Designing with validation in mind is standard practice.  Keeping systems in compliance through good change control practices is important, too, and we work with clients to make this as painless as possible.

Please choose us for solutions that require:

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Active Server Pages
  • Microsoft NAVISION
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Workflow
  • Development for BioPharm Quality Applications
  • Web 3.0 / RDFa / Elmo / Sesame


  • Vendor Audit Management
  • SOP/Training Management
  • Confidential Client – Werum Integration

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