September 25, 2014

Training Record and SOP Compliance Tool


Overview of our Training Records and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Management Solutiondocumentation

Companies manage SOPs and training records to ensure that everyone involved in processes with product impact have the training they need.  And, companies often need to demonstrate to regulatory authorities that employee training record is up-to-date and that SOPs that were in place during specific period of time were used by trained personnel.  Our solution helps accomplish these things and more by:

  • Providing intuitive training and SOP management tools
  • Giving managers the ability to build curriculae
  • Intuitively defining and scheduling training classes
  • Giving employees and managers standard SOP and Training Reports
  • Automatically notifying employees and managers of expiring records

Using a thin-client, collaborative approach to training records and SOP management ensures the whole enterprise is up-to-date and working from the same procedures with proper training.  Standard reports give companies the information they need to respond accurately and efficiently to audits.

Please view the Training Record and SOP Compliance Tool PowerPoint
presentation below for a general overview of capabilities and functionality.


Server license: $34,500 plus $6,210 annual maintenance/support, or

Subscription: $18,000 per year with 3 year commitment, or

Hosted SaaS: $1,500 per month

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