July 16, 2010

Dairy Feed Products

icone04The largest expense on a dairy farm is feed, and wasted feed is a universal and expensive problem.  Farmers typically cope with somewhere between 8% and 18% of waste, or “shrink”.  Innovative offers solutions to solve the sources of feed shrink.

A primary source of shrink is imprecise fulfillment of feed rations: adding too little and (especially) too much of each ingredient is typical when rations are fulfilled manually:

  • 5%-3% shrink is typical for liquid additions (molasses, whey)
  • 6% shrink is typical for mineral additions
  • 6% shrink is typical for dry additions (corn, forages, etc.)

Our Sawtooth controllers integrate wirelessly with standard dairy feed software, so that farms can see their deviations go to zero.  Farms see very rapid payback:

  • 5 years or less for liquid additions is typical
  • 1 year or less for mineral additions is typical
  • 1 year or less for dry additions is typical

Our engineers work with farms to design and implement solutions to ensure quality outcomes in rapid time frames.  Our projects use on-farm skilled labor when it makes sense and when farmers request them as a way to improve costs and quality.

Innovative’s dry additions solution uses our patented machine that works with loader operators to ensure accurate fulfillment of feed rations through a combination of instrumentation and automation and integration.

Addressing the issues surrounding shrink related to ration fulfillment requires no major changes to farm infrastructure or procedures – it just works right away to reduce costs.

5%-10% of shrink may be due to inaccurate ration fulfillment, but the remainder (3%-10%) may be due to suboptimal feed storage and material handling.  A full total mix ration (TMR) facility, complete with inventory management, will eliminate nearly all of that feed waste.  Let us design and build your TMR facility and eliminate the last vestiges of shrink.

TMR Facility: secure, FIFO, inventory management

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