September 26, 2014

Material Tracking

Material Tracking Within a Clinical Production Facility

material tracking

The flagship R&D clinical production facility was ready for production but a gap existed with respect to weigh & dispense and inventory & warehouse.  It was essential to specify and implement a solution that could not only provide the ability to receive and store lots of materials as they arrived at the dock, but also to be able to route materials to QC, to create recipes and requisitions, to route materials to the dispensary, create kits and determine when materials are consumed and when intermediates and final products are created, and then to route these materials back to QC and inventory and then, finally, to ship product. Key features were the ability to track materials from suppliers, lots, drums, kits, etc. and to generate batch genealogies.  In addition, inventory and its dollar value were managed.

Type of Project:Material Tracking
Mfg:Clinical Production
Batch Genealogy:Yes
Integrated with:PeopleSoft, Documentum, Mettler-Toledo, Intellution

Notably, development and integration of this solution, (based on semantic technologies, Microsoft .NET, PeopleSoft, Documentum, Mettler-Toledo scales, and GE’s Intellution software) was done quickly and thoroughly to meet timelines and budgets without compromising desired functionality.

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