September 25, 2014

Managing Vendor Audits Efficiently

Vendor Audit

Vendor Audit Solution Overview

Companies audit vendors for quality and compliance purposes.  Vendor audits ensure efficiencies and minimize risk.  But, managing these audits, audit status, audit findings, suggested or required actions and vendor responses are hard to manage efficiently without tools.

Managing vendor audits can be time consuming and the process can seem unstructured.  Our vendor audit management software simplifies the process and provides a single collaborative and secure browser-based solution to ensure good organization and vendor audit compliance with company policy.

Please review the Vendor Audit Solution PowerPoint presentation below for a general overview of capabilities and functionality.


Server license: $34,500 plus $6,210 annual maintenance / support, or

Subscription: $18,000 per year with 3 year commitment, or

Hosted SaaS: $1,500 per month

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