September 25, 2014

Life Cycle Management Software

Life Cycle Management Solution That ImprovesLife Cycle Mgmt
Risk Assessment and Demonstrated Process Control.

Do you need to save money and still comply with your company’s or industry’s quality and safety requirements? Do you want visibility into your product and project life cycles? Do you want information presented in such a way that it is actionable?

Innovative’s cLCM solution gives you the ability to manage your specifications and tests in a way that is proven to make your systems easier to build, test and manage. You can see interoperability, risk and testing status in the context of your specifications – eliminating gaps between groups and between product or project phases. Inefficiencies, risk, and cost are eliminated with the gaps.

cLCM is guaranteed to demonstrate massive process improvement to the way you assess risk, manage specifications and testing, and demonstrate control of your business to regulatory agencies and internal and external audit teams.

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