Fermenter Re-Engineering Project

24-MAY-2011: AWARDED FERMENTER RE-ENGINEERING PROJECT Innovative awarded project to re-engineer and re-furbish a pair of biopharmaceutical fermenters and a CIP skid for ProBioFerm, a mid-sized biotech companies manufacturing agricultural and commercial OTC human products.  Project entails mechanical, piping, and automation systems’ over-haul of pre-owned ABEC equipment.  Delivered cost to be 25% of cost of new.

New Graphical Workflow Product

24-APR-2011: INNOVATIVE LAUNCHES .NET WORKFLOW PRODUCT Innovative Process Solutions launched its cDevWorkflow embeddable workflow, rules, and decision automation engine today.  This solution is a graphical workflow product that integrates rapidly into customer applications – whether products or customized solutions.  Please see http://www.cdevworkflow.com for details.  

Single Use Bioreactors and Purification

Single Use Bioreactors and Purification We are just finishing a major single-use biotech project where upstream processes (bioreactors, media mix, cell separation) were all based on disposable technologies.  Although this particular project was not driven by financial or schedule goals, it is pretty clear that the claims of disposable technology vendors are valid: massive time[…]